Anonymous asked:
Do you also get distant when you start liking someone?

It depends really

Anonymous asked:
"god" told them aka they just want to hang out with you

You’re life must be so dull.

Anonymous asked:
Totally definitely bored. Or like uninterested. Which sucks because you never really got to know who I am. And I think we could really enjoy each other's company. And there's been like a million signs pointing to you. Basically what I want to say, if you feel like some could potentially be a huge part of your life don't let them go.

Idk, I get distant when I’m depressed so that could be it.

Anonymous asked:
I think god really wants me to care about you and like be there for you. Lol but I think you're bored with me

Probably not bored

I need to make more friends in north dallas.

"If she doesn’t scare the hell out of you a little, she’s not the one."